Milk and Honeys - Afro Hebrew band brings a unique and refreshing blend of Israeli music with a wide range of influences such as Afro-beat, Ethiopian music, R&B and Funk.


Our repertoire spans from Israeli classics by Arik Einstein and "The High Windows", “Kaveret”, Yehudit Ravitz, Shlomo Artzi and many others all the way through to contemporary artists such as “Shotei Hanevua”, Mosh Ben-Ari and Idan Raichel combined with International artists related to the Israeli and jewish culture such as Bob Marley and Alpha Blondy.

Our Programs

The show can be tailored to any special occasions such as; Israeli and Jewish Holidays, ceremonies, Kabbalat Shabbat,  Seminars,  Yom  Ha’atzmaut,  receptions  etc.


We offer a full band performance, acoustic or electronic and an instrumental ensemble.


  • Acoustic/Electric show - Israeli classics and contemporary songs.


  • Instrumental ensemble - Jazz and Israeli songs for receptions. 

  • Jewish ceremonies and Kabbalat Shabbat - Israeli classics and Jewish songs such as; “Haleluya”, “Yerushalaim shel zahav”, “Al kol ele”, “Yedid Nefesh”, “Ose shalom” etc.

The group draws on influences such as African music, funk and R&B, often playing medleys that incorporate old and new songs, Hebrew and English in a cohesive and playful arrangement.


The performance suits audiences of all ages and is generally aiming to get the audience on its feet, dancing and singing along to familiar songs and to be moved in a nostalgic atmosphere.

Milk and Honeys band is NYC based and includes professional musicians with worldwide experience in the New York and Israeli music field.


Among Our Clients


Festivals // Privet Events // Ceremonies

NYC based. Avilable worldwide.

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